The Antiguitar (or how to save the electric guitar from brainless rockstars of the 21st century)

The Antiguitar is also from the Dormant Music series made during my residency at Platform 3, Bandung. It considers the cultural baggage and associations the electric guitar carries upon itself, what it projects onto others and how it exists in our consciousness. The electric guitar, a customary icon of Western modern / popular music (from Blues to Rock ’n’ Roll to Heavy Metal etc), an instrument that revolutionised concepts such dissonance and noise, is attached, or rather, locked in to these contexts and concepts. In order to liberate the instrument from these cultural associations, I felt it was necessary to gracefully destroy and dismantle the instrument. By dissecting the instrument, I consider other methods of reading and interfacing with this newly assembled object. What is it now? How do various cultures, communities and societies look upon this object and draw their own reading of musical activity? Where the instrument lacks precision in tension therefore affecting pitch and scales, it’s ambiguous and unpredictable nature gives it life; the object no longer simply executes, it offers suggestions, almost as if engaging in a conversation or debate with the person interfacing with it.

Electric guitar, additional tuning pegs and fixed bridge
Dimensions variable

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