the national conversation + (uncritical mass)

I was intrigued by the Government of Singapore’s interest to engage in a National Conversation with the people to consider the future of Singapore’s national and political architecture. Of course, with a certain level of skepticism. I begin by asking, what is a ‘national conversation’ and how do we define and think about the nature of conversations? Agnostic to the nature of political interventions and how it seeks to integrate the society at large, is it really a conversation if replies and actions are not only symptomatic but targeted at gaining trust and confidence? Much like the myths of freedom through the lens of democracy, I postulate said concept of conversation as defined by the state akin to feedback (that which is defined by a single input and output), more accurately a feedback session as opposed to a conversation, one that can be defined as bearing 2 outputs and inputs; gathering data and information, filtering and then considering what could or should not be addressed. So I considered the abstract nature of feedback and devised a mechanism which produces a sound likened to those of crickets. What are conversations that would likely occur through a political filter in the pursuit of nation building? Maybe from this juncture, we can now pursue a conversation.

Electric fan, microphone, speaker, mixer, amplifier and used books
Dimensions variable

(uncritical mass)
Electric fans, contact microphones, speakers, mixer and amplifiers
Dimensions variable

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