the public assembly

‘the public assembly’ is a music performance project for a maximum of 50 participants and 2 chess players. each participant is encouraged to bring a book / speech transcript / essay of choice that revolves around a given theme, i.e; “the politics of cultural diplomacy”. if a text source is not brought, relevant texts based on personal research will be provided. during this performance, the participants will be “conducted” by moves made by the chess players, of which each move made reveals a card with written instructions on the form of transmission / delivery for the respective texts. the project looks at the dissemination of news and information via all forms of media as noise.

the work has been performed twice;
8Q@SAM (Singapore)
duration: 40 minutes
16 October 2015

Eglise St Merry (Paris)
duration: 60 minutes
6 June 2015
{view performance at Eglise St Merry}

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